Visit to Portland

      Portland is such a beautiful city. This trip was a quick in and out but the downtown, the friendly people and the vibe is always awesome. Glad I got to appreciate its beauty for another day. Hope you put this on your list of places to visit. Read more →

Monet’s Flower Garden

One of the most beautiful gardens I have seen is in Monet’s Flower Garden in Giverny, which is about forty minutes outside of Paris. First of all, I would highly recommend that you make a day at of it. You will not be disappointed.   The museum itself is amazing and the gardens are simply wonderful. The lilies and other… Read more →

Rodin Gardens

    Situated between Napoleons Tomb, and the Eiffel Tower, Rodin Gardens is a perfect place to spend an afternoon. The gardens are well appointed and you feel like you are walking back in time as you stroll the grounds. The Thinker is the first thing you see has you enter the gardens. It is an amazing sight to see.… Read more →

A Trip To Versailles

The Chateau of Versailles is situated about 45 minutes from Paris. The place is constantly packed. The best way to enjoy it is to get out there as early as you can. Also, highly suggest you purchase your tickets in advance. Give yourself at least 4 hours to tour the chateau and the gardens. Prearrange to have a “golf cart”… Read more →