2016’s Top Travel Destinations

With 2015 quickly winding down, it is time to examine the destinations that will serve as the top travel spots for the upcoming year. 


Situated between China and Russia’s eastern frontier, this vast desert nation is one of the least densely populated on the planet. The men and women who do call Mongolia home are also quite fascinating as many of them still live a nomadic lifestyle as they have done in the past millennia. The government has committed to building a network of roads that will connect all provinces to the capital city in the next few years. Due to the harsh winter, experts recommend visiting this rugged nation from the months of May to September. If you can, try to make it for the spectacular festival of Naadam in July. 

Papa New Guinea 

Papau New Guinea Travel

Sitting less than 100 miles north of Australia, this pacific island nation boasts some of the most stunning natural features of any place on earth. Unlike a lot of its neighbors, this tropical wonder is not yet inundated with hoards of a traveler. 2016 is the year to visit Papau New guinea and explore its thick jungle, beautiful reefs, lush swam. 


Stunning medieval structures dot the Georgian stunning countryside. The Southern Caucus mountains dominate the land, making the nation a haven for those who enjoy hiking, horse riding, and skiing. A number of airlines have created to flights to this Caucus nation, making this a top travel destination for 2016. 


A tiny island nation no larger than Manhattan, Palau has established itself as a leader in the ecotourism space in recent years. In 2014, the nation worked to create a massive ocean reserve, making it one the five biggest of its kind on the planet. With over 1000 species of fish and 700 species of coral, this nation is amongst the most biologically diverse. Snorkeling in Jellyfish Lake is a must-do if you make a trip to this nation. 

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