5 Lesser-Known Places to Visit in Europe

As we all know, Europe is a popular travel destination. From chocolate-filled Belgium to the beautiful Netherlands, to the stunning streets of Paris, Europe has no shortage of wondrous sights. However, not everywhere in Europe is recognized as a worthwhile travel destination. There exist some magnificent locations that do not get many visitors. Here are five such places that you should visit if you are ever in their area.


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana is the small, charming capital city of Slovenia. Its rich history stems from its central European location. It used to be a meeting spot for merchants and soldiers, and has ornate architecture that relates back to all major historical periods. Furthermore, its culture is vast for such a small city. It contains cultural centers, such as theaters and galleries, and even a philharmonic orchestra. Cultural events are numerous and take place throughout the year. As if that is not enough incentive to visit, Ljubljana is also known for its wine. I would encourage a trip over to this lovely city if you ever find yourself traveling nearby.


For more information regarding Ljubljana, visit its website.


Durmitor National Park, Montenegro


This national park is located in northwestern Montenegro, and contains some of the most breathtaking sights in that area. It was formed by glaciers and water, and is home to many lakes and locals. It is filled with the peaks of the Tara Canyon on which you can see deep gorges and a variety of vegetation. Durmitor National Park also hosts a vast array of animals and many species of flora and fauna. This park is the location of a lot of outdoor activity, including hiking, camping, and skiing. Although it is only accessible by bus, it is worth a visit for anyone who likes the outdoors.


Maastricht, The Netherlands


This Dutch city is located in southeastern Netherlands and is the capital city in the Limburg province. It is an old city that still maintains its intricate architecture and cobblestone streets. Maastricht is built along the Meuse River, which is perfect for nice boat rides and cruises through the city. There are three main squares and a few different neighborhoods within the city as well. The central square, for example, is a very popular location, and is home to many events, especially in the summer months. If you are visiting Maastricht, I would recommend going mid to late August, as that is when the central square turns into a food court, and when the city is at its sunniest.


Bucharest, Romania


Bucharest is the capital city and center of Romania, but surprisingly is not well-known. It is unique in its versatile array of culture that cannot be pinned down into one category. Bucharest is known as more of a ‘party city’ because of its nightlife, however it is home to so much more, including visual arts centers, performing arts centers, museums, and beautiful architecture. The center of the city especially should be recognized for its interwar architecture. Bucharest is a wonderful place to visit if you’re looking to see a vast array of sights in a large city, while still witnessing the beauty of retained historical influence.


Cinque Terre, Italy


It is no wonder these five Italian villages are not well-known as a travel destination, seeing as they rest on the cliffs bordering Italy’s Riviera. However, their precarious location only lends itself to incredible views. It is largely untouched by outside influence, as there are few roads leading to the villages, but it is well worth the visit. Once there, you are able to take in the view of the Riviera on Cinque Terre’s beaches while munching on artisanally prepared seafood, for which the villages are known. I would highly recommend a trip to this charming Italian destination.

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