7 Trips to Ease into Adventure Travel

Adventure travel not for the faint at heart. If your idea of travel is sitting in a hotel room watching Friends in a different language, then it’s probably not for you. However, if you’re interested in once in a lifetime experiences, daring situations, and adrenaline, then you may just be an adventure traveler.

However, it’s ill advised to go right to heli-skiing or extreme waterfall diving. You need to build yourself up to those types of adventures. Here are 7 trips you can take that will ease you into the world of adventure travel.


Meet Gorillas in Rwanda

Take a safari tour through the jungles of Rwanda and track native gorillas. There are lots of tour groups that offer the experience and what you get out of it is coming face to face with one of the most amazing and elegant creatures in the world. You’ll get close enough to the gorillas in their natural habitat that you can actually take a picture with them.


Shark Dive in South Africa

The waters in Cape Town are some of the most shark infested in the world. Tour groups can take you off the coast, put you in a metal cage, and send you down into the waters surrounded by sharks. It’s perfectly safe, but the adrenaline rush you’ll remember for a lifetime.


Rock Climbing in Thailand

Thailand offers many incredibly diverse landscapes, not the least of which are the cliffs that jut out from its pristine beaches. So whether you’re an experienced rock climber, or someone who’s never even seen a carabiner, it’s the perfect place to harness up. Railay Beach is a great place to start, as nothing beats climbing with the Andaman Sea as your backdrop.


Surf Down a Volcano in Nicaragua

Just outside of Leon is the Cerro Negro active volcano. The boldest of travelers can hike up the side of the volcano with a wooden surfboard or sled, and then drop and slide down the side of an active volcano.


Hike Glaciers in Iceland

Besides the Northern Lights, one of the greatest things to see in Iceland is the glaciers and glacial tongues. Check out the Snæfellsjökull glacier, made famous by Jules Verne’s novel Journey to the Center of the Earth. Tours can provide you with all the hiking and climbing gear you’ll need, so all you have to prepare for is a day of bone-chilling hikes, and otherworldly views.


Dive Through Sunken Ships in Curacao

This tiny Caribbean island is full of hidden surprises. Take a guided dive to a sunken tugboat  and discover what can be hidden beneath the water’s surface.


Kayak with Whales in Alaska

Kayak next to whales and sea otters while paddling around icebergs and exploring Alaska’s diverse landscape. Be careful though, tipping over your kayak in Alaskan water is a hard way to learn a valuable lesson.


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