A Beautiful Stop At Juneau



If you take a trip to the southern coast of Alaska, I highly recommend stopping in the city Juneau and going on the Whale Watching and Wildlife Quest tour hosted by Allen Marine Tours. It is a five-hour adventure, three of which are for whale watching and the rest for admiring the Mendenhall Glacier. The tour captain and crew were extremely friendly and there is a naturalist on board to teach you about the islands and their rich heritage.

We saw numerous whales on the tour, and watching them crest the ocean surface never got old. The feeding ritual was spectacular, and we actually saw four of them surface with their mouths fully opened in a practice called “bubble netting”. What a sight.

Next up was Admiralty Island, the seventh largest in United States. It is home to the highest population of brown bears in North America and I saw the greatest cluster of bald eagles I had ever seen. From a mile away we could make out hundreds of them sitting high up in the tree line with their white heads sticking out.

Lastly, we toured Shelter Island and had our first bear sighting. Seeing the cubs run alongside their parents was a very special moment. At the northern tip, there is a lighthouse called Point Retreat that has been operating since 1904 and is worth a tour.

The snow topped mountain ranges in the distance added to the majestic feeling of the tour. I hope you get to experience beautiful Juneau.

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