A Special Day At The Utah Olympic Oval


For anyone interested in following our US Olympic team I would highly recommend a trip to Salt Lake City, the home of the Utah Olympic Oval and the US Speed Skate team.

After entering the building and walking around the lobby where the world records for each distance event are posted and the medals, trophies and images of former Olympic champions you placed around the lobby you are immediately filled with a sense of pride. You are walking around a facility rich in history, in winning and being a role model for our youth of today and tomorrow.
Then you enter the venue itself and the sight becomes magical. You actually see the long and short tracks that the altheletes competed on in the 1992 Winter Olympics. You see where the US SS cool down, warm up and do other various exercises. It makes you want to change and jump in and then I remember my age.

Moments later it gets better when several of the current US team and aspiring 2018 Olympians take the ice and start their daily training sessions. It is clear by the effort and dedication of the team that all are interested in adding to medal tally in Korea. You walk around the facility and you have a sense that you are now a small part of something special, that you are seeing history in the making.

I left the Olympic Oval after several hours bursting with pride, thankful that I got to experience such a unique day and I hope that you all get to put Salt lake City on your future travel to do list. You will have a fantastic time for sure.


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