A Trip to Pompeii




I found myself with a free day in Rome and fortunate enough to be able to arrange a trip to Pompeii. Pompeii is only a few hours by car from Rome and is easily done in a day.

Traveling through the countryside is extremely enjoyable. The views are simply magnificent and the landscape is dotted with monasteries, castles and other stately homes.

Pompeii itself is something else. The whole town is a sight to behold and the history is riveting. I highly recommend a personal guide and to plan on at least a four hour visit.

For lunch or dinner I’d suggest that you actually skip Pompeii and head to Sorrento about thirty miles away. Driving through the tunnels and the coastline to downtown Sorrento is wonderful. Any of the restaurants surrounding the square are excellent.

It was a wonderful trip and I hope you get to enjoy your own.


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