Around The World: Culinary Treasures

Amidst the hustle of transportation, participating in tours and making sure you purchase enough souvenirs for everyone in your family, there comes a peaceful meal or a part of the day when you have a moment to actually take time for yourself. While it is difficult for many travelers around the world to fit in a time to enjoy a nice meal or experience the different culture from a local’s perspective, it is essential for you to appreciate the cuisine of the surrounding area. Gaining a better understanding of the place you have traveled to does not only enrich your adventure, but also helps others that are seeking something similar in their next trip. Make sure to check out more culinary treasures from the Travel Channel. 


Mexico City

Known as the artistic center for famous Mexican muralists such as Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Siqueiros, the capital of Mexico still reigns as one of the top paradise for food lovers. As the primary cultural hub in Mexico, this center represents a melting pot of cuisines across regions all over the country. When wandering throughout the plazas in the city, exploring the neighboring area is important in order to take a look at various street food vendors that sell a wide array of snacks that are perfect to sample on the way to your destination. Also, when you’re there, be sure to try mole poblano, which is Mexico’s national dish that is chocolate, chili based sauce that is usually paired with a meat like chicken, along with a side of rice. A crowd favorite that many locals enjoy is a ripe mango with salt and chili sprinkled on top to keep the city refreshed on a summer day under the beating, radiant sun.

mexico city street vendor

Bangkok, Thailand

Easily one of the most intriguing, vibrant cities in Southeast Asia, Bangkok offers food lovers everything from authentic, mindblowing Thai street food to offering Hong Kong style dim sum in the Yaowarat district. The culinary diversity alone is one of the many reasons tourists still flock to this city with incredible food vendors. Streets in Bangkok such as Soi 38 and Sukhumvit 36 are prime go to spots for locals in the area that want to enjoy creative, real Thai food without the risk of going over budget. If you’re enjoying some of the electric nightlife Bangkok has to offer, some delicious, interesting spots to get noodles are Wattana Panich, Sra Bua and Thip Samai which are all conveniently located behind the Victory Market close to the center of town.


thai market

Queens, NY

Still flourishing in both cultural and culinary multiplicity, arguably the most diverse borough in New York City is home to over two million foreign residents, making it a treasure of every food lover that is interested in reveling in all its glory. The flushing neighborhood is handily comprised of the most tasty Chinese food vendors, while at the same time, Jackson Heights without a doubt has the most delicious South American and North Indian food. If you have some extra time in this borough, be sure to make a special trip to Maima’s in Jamaica, Queens for a Liberian kick that will definitely make your stay in New York City worthwhile.


taqueria queens

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