Australia’s Top Coastal Wonders



As it is more than 9,000 miles away from the United States, many Americans don’t have the chance to visit this wonderful Pacific nation. If you do get the chance to visit the continent, you will quickly appreciate the charm of this nation’s people as well as its natural wonders. Australia is a big country, so you will want to be sure you fully plan your travel adventures. Here are a few places that you must stop if you are in Australia.

Cable Beach 

Located on the less populous western Australia, Cable Beech is one of the region’s premier travel sights. Cable Beach has become world-famous for its mesmerizing sunsets and stunning white sands. Many who visited  the beach opt to explore the beach on the back of a camel. 

Fraser Island 

Situated about 100 miles north of Brisbane, Queensland, this tropical island is home to quite the array of natural features including huge sand dunes, a dense rain forest, stunning sand cliffs, and more than 100 freshwater lake. To access the island, you will need to take a twenty minute ferry from the nearby Harvey Bay. Fraser Island is considered to be the largest sand island on the planet. 

Great Barrier Reef

No Australian travel guide is complete without making mention of the Great Barrier Reef. Often such hyped travel destination are unfortunately underwhelming in-person. This is absolutely not the case with Great Barrier Reef, which is  one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Spanning over 130,000 square miles and boasting over 2,900 coral reefs, the reef is considered to be one of the best destinations for scuba diving and underwater exploration. Situated north of Queensland, the city of Cairns is often considered to be the primary gateway to this stunning reef. 

Whitsunday Islands 

A collection of upward of seventy islands is located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Their location makes them a great spot to jump off from if you are hoping to thoroughly explore the Great Barrier Reef. While most of the islands remain uninhabited, a few of the larger ones house world-class resorts. Famous for their beautiful white sands and exclusivity, these islands are perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing and remote tropical vacation. 


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