Breathtaking Spring Break Destinations

As we slowly distance ourselves from winter and entering into the spring months, this season does not pose a better time of the year to head on a road trip that won’t necessarily break your budget. For many vacation spots, travelling in the spring can actually save you a fair amount of money because hostel/hotel prices and sometimes tours are generally more inexpensive before the summer peak season. If you would like to read more about the full list of places you could spend your spring break, check out this link.


Washington D.C.

Ask any local or D.C. goer that frequents this cosmopolitan hub, the prime time of year to visit the U.S. capital is without question during the springtime, specifically early April. The main attraction in D.C. that is one of the many reasons that make D.C. such a special place, is the perennial cherry blossom festival that occurs the first two weeks of April. The famous cherry blossom festival that attracts tourists from all over the world still retains its historic value as a symbol of peace given by the Japanese government soon after WWII.

DC cherry blossom

These delicate white and pink flowers shower the entire city, making it even more enjoyable to experience once the weather is warmer. If you happen to get a bit tired of appreciating nature or of cherry blossoms in general, be sure to check out the endless free museums that range anywhere from The Smithsonian, the Post Office Museum and interesting immigration museums that allow you to take a walk through the history from even before the Ellis Island era. Given that D.C. is the capital of the U.S., there are truly endless cultural activities that currently have limited or no cost, so it’s in your best interest to take advantage of everything this city has to offer.

Seattle, Washington

Recently known for its revamped folk music scene, Seattle is an eclectic city which hosts social hubs such as Pike Place Market, with over 200 restaurants and shops to a beautifully designed Sky View Observatory where you can see the skyline with the backdrop of the mountains. If you would like to explore the surrounding area of the city, the top spot to go is a The Olympic State Park, which is little over two hours west. The Olympic State Park, one of the most beautifully complex national reserves of the country contains over 922,000 acres of high cliffs, rocky shores and lush forests with trees that may resemble a Tim Burton film.

olympic state park
seattle skyline

Montreal, Canada

Drastically different from its financial counterpart Toronto that possesses more of a cosmopolitan, New York City feel, Montreal still acts as a living and breathing French city with its European influenced architecture adjacent to its cobblestone streets. A cultural activity to definitely look into during your long weekend or a couple of days in the city is to see a Cirque du Soleil spectacular event that initially got its start from this French inspired town. Before you tour the town on your own, be sure to look into la TOHU, which provides free tours for visitors in the area, in addition to free artistic circus events for everyone to revel in the breathing history of Montreal.

montreal city hall

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