Getaway to Santiago

2017-03-15 12.51.58

Every time I fly in to Santiago the more I love the city. The Andes stand majestically and the view from the plane of Santiago, above, carved in to the lower range is fantastic. It’s still mind blowing that within a few short hours you can be walking in the Andes mountain range, strolling down the city streets of Santiago or enjoying one of the many beaches just a short journey away.

In the evening I highly recommend that you take the extra thirty minutes and go to one of the many restaurants on the mountain range and take in the city of Santiago below. Easily one of the city sights anywhere in the world.

This trip was for less than two days so it was all business but again this city is beautiful and Chile should be one for Your to visit list if you’re looking for a great experience or simply a wonderful place to escape in the colder winter months back home.

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