How to Prepare for Air Travel

Once you have booked your flight, made the necessary travel arrangements and realized you have packed all that you can on your trip, there comes a time when you start to dread the flight that will lead you to your destination. Although many children find airplanes to be quite fun, for many teenagers and adults alike, it can be an exhausting, drawn out process that sometimes will have you questioning why you are traveling to that destination in the first place.

With all the security processes and endless trouble with fitting your hand carry in the overhead compartment, here are some tips that can help you get through the flight at the beginning of your trip. Along with simple exercises to help lessen stiffness in your body to easy ways you can prevent dehydration, the below list underlines how you can make your next flight a little more enjoyable.


glass of waterThe constant, steady intake of beverages such as water or juice will prevent any forms of dehydration that could potentially make you feel groggy or even more tired than usual. If you happen to feel a little ill on your flight, the best carbonated beverage to consume is ginger ale because it helps immensely with nausea or stomach pain. It’s important to remember to avoid drinking coffee, tea or alcohol on your flight as these beverages cause more dehydration in your body.

Comfortable clothing

The high altitude can cause dry skin and lack of blood flow for many on long flights, so a good tip is to wear compression socks to increase circulation levels on your feet to help alleviate numbness. Believe or not, people of all ages feel this type of discomfort on long flights due to the lack of motion experienced sitting hours on end.  Another way to feel comfortable on your flight with minimal effort is to simply wear clothing that is loose-fitting. If you’re going to be in the air for a long period of time, you may as well wear clothing that allows you to relax or sleep with ease.

Get up

It’s very common for people to experience physical stiffness in the air, so a good way to keep your body feeling fresh is to go for a quick walk throughout the plane or doing some little exercises in your seat. One great way to move around without distracting others is heading to either sides of the plane to stretch for ten or fifteen minutes to also help with blood flow or circulation.

If you follow these tips, you can make your flight far more enjoyable, so that you can feel more physically prepared once you land at the destination of your choice.


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