How To Safely Travel On Your Own

There are times of compromise during an adventurous trip or travel excursion where you might find yourself thinking it would have been more enjoyable or fulfilling if you had traveled by yourself instead of with a group. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who occasionally feels as though a solo trip might be the remedy  gain a different perspective on travel by adhering to no one else’s rules but your own.


While traveling with loved ones such as friends or family can be all well and good, there are certain trips that should taken on your own that will not only allow you to gain a wide array of skills, but also learn how to deal with different situations abroad. It can essentially provide a way to view local culture, a museum or even a meal from a completely different lens that you were unaware of before. Below are resourceful tips many solo travelers use to make their adventures even more memorable than you’d think. For the full list please click on this link.


Stay Connected

Before you go abroad hiking in the Norwegian Fjords or exploring Moorish gardens in Granada, it is absolutely necessary to give all your travel information to a loved one that you can count on. Information such as flight and reservation numbers, places you’re staying and how long you’ll  be in each city are essential bits that said friend or family member should be aware of. Also, another important tip is to constantly check in with people in your network through means such as social media, email or even a simple phone call back home. A simple Facebook post with your location or a status can ease everyone’s minds a bit. People would love to hear from you regardless of where you are, so this quick update would let everyone know you’re safe!


Important Documentation

It may be implied, but many travelers forget to actually make copies of their passports or ID’s before they travel for an extended period of time. In addition to staying connected, be a smart traveler by making copies of all your documentation as a precautionary measure in case you end up running to an unfortunate situation.


man at sea

Explore Contacts

If you happened to study abroad or know someone who perhaps lived in a country you’re planning to visit, reach out to them to ask for travel tips or advice. They may have some recommendations they’d like to share with you or better yet, know someone that you could potentially stay with while you’re visiting. There are endless possibilities that are available and it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.


Live It Up

After coming all this way along with hours of researching, planning and money well spent, it’s important to remember that you need to actually enjoy your trip. When travelling alone, you aren’t restrained to adhering to what other people want to do that you may not been too keen on participating in. Do some thorough research before you go to figure out if any activities that fit in your niche interests are specific to the place you’re going. For example, if you have a specific interest in all things Spain pre-roman times, a quick trip to the National Arqueological in Madrid hosts incredible art from the Phoenician times. The little things that you enjoy or museums that interest you that nobody else ever wants to go to are calling your name. Do more than just settle–you call the shots on the adventure you created.

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