Interesting U.S. Attractions for 2016

Alaska’s Parks

Filled with over twenty state parks, this year is no better time to explore the natural timelessness that Alaska has to offer. The pristine, untouched scenery in this state is comprised of a wide array of serene escapes, most of which are ideal spots for outdoor explorers who participate in an activity titled “primitive camping” with no access to park funded facilities. Even if this sort of camping isn’t your forte, discovering most of its peaceful mountain ranges is absolutely stunning.


denali park alaska


Tennessee’s Whisky

The 150th anniversary of Jack Daniels is one of the many reasons that Tennessee is a prime spot in the U.S. for any whisky lover. While this state has had a rich history of whisky making and culture, this no means signifies that these traditions are dwindling in popularity or growth. With a substantial amount of whiskey distilleries opening every year, Tennessee’s Whiskey Trail is the perfect way to explore and learn more about your favorite distillery up close.


L.A.’s World of Witchcraft & Wizardry

From the crevices of diagon alley to simple charm of butterbeer, come March California will finally enter into a realm full of English inspired magic. This themed parked is definitely for loyal Harry Potter fans which will very much appreciate the use of 3D technology to help recreate the powerful enchantment of the book series. Harry Potter land will without a doubt bring you back to the special part of your childhood that you wish you relive over and over again.


National Blues Museum, St. Louis

Also opening for the first time in April, this attraction is definitely geared toward the music lover who enjoys learning about the history, evolution and culture of blues music in the U.S. The museum helps music lovers discover the evolution of blues music from a regional standpoint by showcasing a comparison from state to state. Inspiring a fair number of alternative and rock bands until this day, discovering this all-American genre would not be anything short of memorable.


Cleveland’s Culinary Innovation

Booming with tourism, it’s no surprise that this midwestern city is establishing more hotels and restaurants to keep up with the demand of visitors flocking to the area. Another great foodie paradise, Cleveland has produced a new type of creation titled the “brewnut” which is a beer flavored donut which will gradually take over many coffee shops in the area. This soon to be bar will focus on using different craft beers to flavor their donuts. The culinary innovation of Cleveland is nothing short of intriguing. To explore more exciting U.S destinations click here.

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