Key Travel Spots for 2016!

If you have a wanderlust “which places should I choose to visit this year?” might have been the question hanging over your head from the very beginning of this New Year. So here’s a list of the best destination points from all over the world to help you in the choice of your holiday destinations for this year, so that you do not spend your money in the wrong place. Happy travels!

Maldives, Asia:
Maldives, located in the continent of Asia, are made up of myriads of islands. This place makes one of the most favorite tourist destinations, drawing multitudes of people from all over the world to it every year, the attraction factor being the unparalleled white sandy beaches, various luxury hotels, and a terrific underwater world. By going into a concise detail of each you will know why not to miss out on seeing this place as you plan your trip this year:
Beaches- The most striking feature of the beaches in Maldives is their whiter as snow sand and shimmering cyan blue water,unlike anywhere on planet earth, this sole feature is adequate to attract a lot of people to Maldives.
Hotels-Top notch five and six star luxury hotels crammed with world class facilities are available, each island having its own resort, amounting to about hundred making the choice of the place of stay even harder, this feature makes the Maldives a must name on the wish list of couples seeking a destination for their honey moon. Not just that bunch of affordable accommodations is also set up for families, divers and other individuals with a relative budget, or people who are out totally for basking in the exquisite beauty of mother nature alone.
Underwater World- If you have an eye for a great adventurous experience and hold some interest in marine life, the clear waters of Maldives offer you the best place to fulfill your interests. The diversity of this place is beyond amazing, when you go there, be ready to be holding the most beautiful corals, with marvelous caves and multiple color fish schools, and as you go deeper the manta rays, sharks, turtles, and whale sharks can also be seen. And you know what the best part is? It’s the soothing warmth of the water. Five ways you can fully reap out fun from what the underwater life of Maldives has to offer you is via: Snorkeling as Maldives is one of the favorite most snorkeling spots, Diving as the diverse aquatic life will make your immersion into the warm water inevitable, and you will definitely take a shot at it whether you have done it before or not, dining at underwater hotels, sounds like fun, no?, a glass bottom boat ride takes you through the waters to help you see the beautiful coral reefs and the amazing water life, and then there are some hotels which offer you undersea rooms so you can enjoy your time with your loved ones as you watch beautiful fishes float above and around you.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia:
Bora Bora is an island very famous as an international tourist destination, most popular worldwide, particularly for its aqua centric luxury resorts. This island is located in the Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, and has more resorts than you could shake a stick at; this place has to offer you a variety of means of amusement, each described a little below, to aid you in the selection of a perfect destination this year.
Hiking and Trekking- If you are in a physically fit condition this is a must do activity when you are in Bora Bora this year, as in the middle of this island are the remains of an extinct volcano ending into to two peaks, known to all as Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, when you climb up you can get the perfect panoramic view of the island. However, do not go alone on this adventure, a tourist guide must essentially be hired for hiking along this treacherous track, as it is known to be quite precarious and various instances of people getting lost or wounded have been recorded, the best bit about going on this tour is that thistrack gives you a close look of this islands flora.
Snorkeling- The most striking feature of this island is its gleaming turquoise lagoon. The rich marine life constituting various fish schools, various other aquatic species, and turtles,etc. makes this island a perfect snorkeling spot. If you are interested you must visit the best snorkeling sites on this island i.e. the oral gardens that lie close to the barrier reef, south and west of this island and especially the sight of Anau, located inside the lagoon, the specialty of Anau being the presence of majestic manta rays there in the morning hours.
Diving- If you are a beginner, it’s just the place you need to be, qualified trainers with English speaking skills are available whoteach diving for individuals who want to go deeper than snorkeling and witness the most amazing aspect of the marine life here. The place is even more fun for the experienced divers as the sighting of lemon sharks, gray reef sharks, manta rays and Blacktip reef sharks is guaranteed.
Parasailing-Parasailing is one amazing experience that is sure to etch great memories in your mind to share later with others, do not forget to try this when in Bora Bora.
Kitesurfing- The combination of calm, clear turquoise lagoon, and strong breezes that blow here has helped this place gain the reputation of the most favorite kitesurfing spot, specifically the matira point in Bora Bora is deemed the best kitesurfing site. Seeing the stunts by the pros you can’t hold yourself back from trying your hand at this spot when in Bora Bora.
Lagoon Trips- You can join some lagoon excursion, offering tours in pirogues for a whole day trip which includes; diving and snorkeling in otherwise inaccessible areas, picnic on a reef at lunchtime with background traditional music, close view of blacktip reef sharks etc. making it a mind-blowing experience on the whole. And if you wish to go on your own boats are on hand to serve the purpose.
Or apart from these trips you could go on a cultural trip in which a number of operators take you on a half-day trip that visits WWII sites along with other locally important archaeological sites.
For a local feel of this island you it’s totally worth a while that you schedule your trip around the month of July to attend the famous premier festival Heiva, in Vaitape, it’s full of colors, dances and beauty pageants and is sure to delight you.

Argentina, South America:
Next on the list is Argentina, located in the continent of South America, every year around eight thousand travelers driven by their wanderlust come here to revel in the beauty of this land, this state has a perfect mix of all the amazing things you look for in a holiday destination from a variety in climate to natural beauty, from the beautiful landscapes, widest river, tallest peakto the great infrastructure and development of the state in comparison to the not-so-well-developed Latin American states, from the special food to the customs and traditions, and to top it all the most hospitable people, all in all this perfect blend makes Argentina a top priority in the wish list of tourists from around the globe. Moreover who doesn’t know about the awesome football team this country has. Given below is the list of the not-to-miss-stuff about Argentina:
Natural Wonders- As mentioned earlier this country houses a vast variety of natural wonders, from the highest peaks of Andes mountain range to the mighty Iguazu Falls, and not to forget Argentina is also home to one of the world’s most stunning ice fields Glaciar Perito Moreno . Not just that the wetlands of this country pose a competition to those of Brazil, spectacular mountains, vast deserts, thick Valdivian forests, Salt flats of Andes, a splendid Lake district with beautiful fauna consisting of various precious animal species like penguins, capybaras, flamingos and whatnot all lie in wait for you, this all turning this state into an incredible natural wonderland that is sure to leave all the spectators in complete awe.
The Gastronomies- Food of this country has gained a special place among the food lovers internationally, ranging from the most wonderfully flavored beef, to Parillas that are steak restaurants cooking for you the most palatable juicy steaks, and also If you are a Pasta and pizza lover this won’t place won’t leave you disappointed too as this place has to offer you the best pasta and pizza you have ever sampled before. Moreover you can relish a variety of ethnic cuisine in Beunoes Aires, ranging from Southeast Asian to Middle Eastern to Scandinavian, precisely whichever part of the world you belong to Argentina promises to bring the local feel your way through its amazing variety in food, and Psst, the Argentine Wine is one of the best around the world too, you wouldn’t want to miss it, right?
Argentine Culture-Harking back to the preamble, Argentine customs and traditions being one of the most popular factors that appeals to most travelers, let’s go a little deeper into this, “Tango” a very well-known dance style has its roots in Argentina, next comes football, which is the passion of the locals here, if you are a football aficionado this is just the right place to be you can actually see a live football match here during our tour. Another distinctive feature of this state is the Argentine Arts, Cinema, and literature that have a touch of both Latin American and Europe, hence irresistible to the visitors.

California, North America:
California is the most popular state of USA, it is a major tourist destination mainly because of its dramatic terrain e.g. the death valley, breathtaking beaches, redwood forest, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central Valley farmland and the arid Mojave Desert, beautiful amusement parks, and much more contribute in making this state a common tourism spot.
Food- California produces the freshest food products for US, you can get every sort of food here, from farm fresh spray free food to chic hotels with perfect urban style food, to healthy non-artificially-bred-animal meat. Grapes are found in abundance here, so is the case with the number of breweries here.
Natural Beauty- The environmentalists of this state have, despite a careless logging, mining, and oil drilling activityhistory here, rescued old trees and established wonderful national and state parks and succeeded in attracting travelers from around the world. If you have kids, then California’s Disneyland is a must visit place for you.
Road Tripping- California looks even more amazing when you hit the roads and advance forwards away from the big cities intosmaller comelier towns and most picturesque beaches. You can go between the vineyards, or take a loop drive around Lake Tahoe; this trip will leave you with an everlasting fun experience memory.
Hiking, Skiing and festivals- In summers you can climb up the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in addition there is are a number of hiking trails in Calfornia, do not miss “John Muir Trail” when you are in California. Get sun kiss at the scenic beaches of California. In winters Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park offer you a nice skiing place. In fall you can enjoy the wine country festivals, and sample fresh vintages. In a nutshell, all year round, it’s fun to be around this place.
Others- Golden Gate Bridge is one reason for packing yourbags to travel to this state are San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Sydney, Australia:
Sydney, located in the continent of Australia, is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations; this can be seen from the fact that the tourism in this place earns Australia a major share of economy, as hundreds and hundreds of tourists are drawn to this place every year. A rough survey back in year two thousand and ten revealed the fact that Sydney is the 42nd most frequently visited city in the world. If you are in Sydney you will find a mix of both natural and man-made wonders. Amongst the most famous attraction factors that bring people from all around the globe here are: The Sydney harbor bridge, Royal Botanical gardens, Sydney Mardi Gras, Luna Park, the most fascinating beaches and Sydney Tower. The wildlife here is also one thing that appeals to the travelers.
Beaches- Two very famous names are the Bondi beach and the manly beach, the bondi beach is most frequently visited as it offers a calm breeze, good ambiance and this is the reason various visitors come here to celebrate Christmas at this place, surfers are particularly attracted to this beach, and because of the good consistent waves it gives you a chance for a nice swim.
Architecture- The most amazing form of architecture is the Sydney Harbor Bridge which crosses the harbor at its narrowest part, it is one huge piece of architecture so you can see it while moving around the city, but remember to experience the best of it is by going over it on foot, rather than on cars and trains. Another piece of architecture and worth mentioning and visiting is the Sydney opera house, which has its place in the world heritage list. Furthermore, there are a plenty of museums e.g. Rocks discovery museum and various art galleries that stage various international exhibitions here every year for the ones who hold some interest in these areas these places are a must visit.
Wildlife- Less than a thirty minute ferry ride from Circular Quay, is the Taronga Zoo full of kangaroos, koalas and various other hirsute Australians, and also imported animals. Parts of the zoo that must be viewed at all cost are the nocturnal platypus habitat, the Asian elephant display and the Great Southern Oceans section. Tours with guides are offered by various companies if you have an interest in wildlife get yourself booked. The famous Sydney Wildlife world must be a part of your tour as well.
Parks- Sydney is home to numerous worldwide famous parks i.e. the Sydney Olympic park, Royal Botanical gardens, Blue Mountains National Park, Sydney harbor national park. All these parks invite you for a complete fun and adventure filled experience. Do visit these parks when in Sydney.
Cruises- Boats and luxury cruises are available for those who want to bask in the beauty and have fun at the same time, giving you a chance to take a glimpse of the Sydney harbor bridge and opera house while boarding your Yacht is one good way, some companies provide you with other facilities like barbeque, fishing gear, some taking you to local beaches as well. So it won’t be a loss to cruise on a boat. Sydney harbor kayak tours are one fun and famous way to enjoy your time here too.

Mauritius, Africa:
Located in the continent of Africa, Mauritius is a famous tourist destination, it is basically an island crammed with all the essential features that are a surefire way of attracting hordes and hordes of visitors from all around the world. A diversity in both natural and man-made attractions, along with a tropical climate with warm, luminous and clear sea waters, chic hotels and perfect cuisines, scenic beaches, great infrastructure and flawless services, beautiful fauna and flora accentuated bymulti-ethnic and multi-cultural inhabitants all combined make Mauritius one of the world’s best luxury tourism destinations.The major part of the economy is owed to the tourism in this place. Mauritius has thrice received the World Leading Island Destination award and the award for World’s Best Beach at the World Travel Awards, 2012. What not to miss in Mauritius:
Architecture- A number of picturesque mosques are awaiting your visit, do not miss to see the Friday Mosque, MosqueeMoracaine, Grande Mosquee also famous as the MosqueeSaudique, if not very magnificent it is at least worth seeing and taking a picture or two of.
Wildlife- To get a glimpse of the wildlife you must visit this small nature reserve named Reserve Satellite du Cap Blanc which has an outstanding information center, it is inhabited bythe colony of endangered Mediterranean monk seals also known as the phoque moin. The members of this grey skinned specie look like elephant seals have a very valuable historic background that dates back to the fifteenth century. About a total of 150 seals are protected here.
Parks- Parc National du Banc d’Arguin also known as the national park of Mauritius is a must visit place if you plan to go to Mauritius this year, the major significance of this place is that it is a world heritage site, and breeds various species of migratory birds, this place has a unique and rich flora and fauna, moreover another plus point of visiting this place is that the water around here is very good for fishing so bring your fishing pole here and be a winner.
Activities- Ranging from boat tours , to camel and horseback rides, all forms of activities you like are available and for other water sports there are two nice and tranquil beaches namely Plage Pichot and Plage Sultan, with tiny restaurants and shade for your amusement, frequently visited by the locals on weekends.
Food- Restaurants of all kinds are accessible to the travelers here e.g. Le Mediterranee is a decent French restaurant that serves both French and continental dishes to its guest in a decent garden. Other food spots worth mentioning are the RestoranteGalloufa which is a Spanish hotel, the Restaurant du Coin, BlaBla The which is a nice cafe in Nouakchott, Rimal that serves all international food kinds, fast food spot by the name of Le Prince and many more.

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