Master Traveling With These 6 Apps

The rapid pace with which technology has improved the way we live is evident in the myriad of competing apps available. Each of them are vying to help users enough that they use it regularly. Traveling can be expensive, draining and difficult which is why the avid traveler is thankful for these apps.

On the window at the Apple Store Regent Street.



If you travel often you have definitely had a long layover in a massive airport. Gate Guru is your Yelp/Google Maps for airports. With this app you’re able to find that massage, duty-free shop or some five-star Mexican food.



What better way to find the best places to travel than from other travelers. TripAdvisor makes it easy for you by giving you list of the best attractions and tours available in each city. One can be confident that the first five recommendations are a great time.



Kayak is constantly updating their mobile and web applications to making finding and booking your next trip a pleasant experience. This all-in-one site will help you compare options for cars, hotels, flights, vacation packages and more.


Google Flights

In recent years Google has prioritized design in its applications and users can really see that with Google Flights. This easy to use app makes finding the best price for airfare simple and can easily compare your other options. It also seems less bias than sites trying to sell airfare.


Google Translate

The new update to Google Translate is simply amazing. The mobile app is highly accurate in understanding what you are saying and equally as accurate in translating that into other languages. This app is a must if you are traveling to a foreign country and don’t speak the language.


City Guides, Offline Maps

Not the most clever name but the app is as useful as the name is descriptive. This app by helps you easily create itineraries for every city you visit. The great part about this app is that you can save your itineraries to the phone for use offline.




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