Mont Saint Michel

2016-05-17 12.21.53

Less than an hours drive from Normandy I would highly recommend a trip to Mont Saint Michel.

Miles before you reach the city itself the mountain of that the city perches on top of can be seen looming in the distance. It makes for a majestic site.

I highly recommend that you stay the night at the Relais Hotel and ask for one of the prime viewing rooms. My sunset view was spectacular and the prices are extremely reasonable.

There are several restaurants to choose from but my favorite was Le Prē Salá. The house speciality is lamb. The rack of lamb did not disappoint.

From the hotel you can either take one of the many tour buses and you are in the town in less than five minutes. The walk takes about thirty minutes and that’s how I made the trek. The different views are worth the extra effort.

The entrance to the mountain becomes more impressive with every step. The drawbridge is also something special. Come hungry and try the omlettes at La Mere Poulard- they are touted as the worlds best and you will get to decide that for yourself.

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