Montreal Discovered

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Chat Noir by Toulouse-Lautrec


This week I made my first trip to Montreal. What a treat it was.

I stayed at the Bonaventura Hotel in old town and would highly recommend the iconic property. The amenities, rooftop pool and guest services are excellent.The weather was so nice, you could spend the whole day and night strolling the busy streets. I took the opportunity to explore and, within a short distance from my hotel, found several notable places. My favorite area to walk around was old town, it reminded me of my beloved city, Paris. There are so many restaurants and bars, but my personal favorites were Le Chat Noir, Thursdays and Kyo. You also have to sample the poutine. Almost every restaurant carries it, but the most exceptional was a little pizza and fries place at 1320 Boulevard de Maisonneuve. I was also lucky enough to be in town when the Jazz Festival was in full flow and saw a great performer, Jordan Officer.

The museums are very worthwhile; I had the pleasure of touring the Pompeii exhibition, Napoleon displays and Toulouse-Lautrec collection.

I definitely recommend that you walk the city and have a look at the areas around Sainte-Catherine Street. Notre Dame was the best for shopping, galleries and cafes. Enjoy Montreal.


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