More Travel Tips

Following my last blog post about travel tips I thought it would be fun to share some more. There are so many helpful tricks that you can use, it didn’t seem right to only talk about a few. Here are some more that I either know from experience or have heard about from other travelers.

Don’t be afraid to wander a bit

This one can be a little bit scary for some people because their familiarity with the area is not that great. Before I get into the advantages make sure you do your research initially so you know what places you should avoid simply for safety. Most of the time things will be fine, but you want to be sure.

The advantages of wandering around in a place you are visiting is you can get a glimpse into the real world of people. Getting off the beaten path and straying from the big tourist attractions will give you a more authentic glimpse into the environment. Instead of competing with a thousand other travelers who want to get a picture of a famous statue you can see the small family bakery that’s tucked away where locals get their bread.

This sort of thing makes for a rewarding experience and fosters an understanding and appreciation for the area. It’s fine to check out the popular stuff of course, just don’t be afraid to explore.

Eat the local food

Unless you have a health or medical reason for avoiding a certain type of food, go for it. The food of an area has its own history and meaning behind it and refusing to try it is a missed opportunity.

It doesn’t matter if you are halfway across the world or a New Yorker visiting Louisiana. There are always regional differences and preferences with the food they serve and many times you can get a great story or conversation from a local resident at the same time.

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from locals as well. They know the best places to go and even better, the hidden gems that most other travelers won’t find out about. Ask around, be up for anything, and enjoy!

Coming up

I think I’m going to turn these travel tips into a blog series going forward. There are so many amazing ideas out there and I personally have a lot more I would like to share. Come back soon to see what tips I post next!


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