Norwegian Adventure

With so many places of incredible beauty in the world, it can be difficult to pin down just one destination to visit when going on vacation. In Europe alone, there can seem to be nearly innumerable options, be you looking for more of a Mediterranean adventure or more of a trip through Mother Nature, one can find anything and everything without ever leaving the continent. However, few places will yield the same beauty inherent in the Scandinavian paradise that is Norway. Norway, Des Hague, TravelEven transportation in

Norway is known to grant visitors access to unparalleled views. Winding through snowy mountains and around white-capped peaks, travelers can look out of the window to witness truly remarkable and picturesque scenes without ever leaving the comfort of air conditioning. Stretching over an incredible 2,000 miles, these rail lines boast an unbelievable 775 tunnels and over 3,000 bridges. If I may, I would recommend beginning at Oslo and taking the Bergen Railway for a truly unforgettable experience.

Just as well, I would be remiss if I did not mention visiting the Hurtigruten. With immense terrain rising around the gorgeous placid lake, it seems as though one is sailing through glass when riding on the region’s renowned ferry system. Founded in 1893, this water taxi service still plays a role of vital importance in connecting Norwegian residents far and wide across the country.

Geirangerfjord is yet another paradise in Norway. Routinely topping the UNESCO World heritage sites list with good reason, this eastern extension of Sunylvsfjord is filled with radical rock faces. With a 90 degree incline, these cliffs are blanketed in lush green vegetation and kept fresh by any number of rushing waterfalls. A scintillating sun hangs in clear blue skies that stretch over unblemished nature. Creeks and streams meander through uncut grass, providing a source of life to the animals that roam free through the area.

The above locations represent a mere fraction of the beautiful destinations Norway represents on any given day. Renowned for good reason, this country stands out as one of the most desirable tourist locations on the planet. Its nature is unparalleled. Its public transit is unmatched. Its culture is untarnished. For a vacation like no other, step foot into Norway.

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