Paris in Autumn

Paris is my favorite city in the world. Every time I go there are new things to see and admire. This time we stayed in the 7th Arrondissement with an awesome view of the Eiffel Tower. The place was spectacular and served as a great venue to carry out business as well.

There is something about the life style of a Parisian. The smells of baked goods permeates the streets and the abundance of cafes and bars just adds to the quaintness of it all. Below are some of the places I would recommend you put on your to visit list:


Restaurants to Visit

L Venue is an awesome restaurant. The menu has one hit after the other. Highly recommend the dim sum or the melon to start. The chicken curry is my personal favorite and the spices are wonderful. Service is great. Pricey but worth it and if you like being around celebrities this is a must for you.

A dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower is the most special of evenings. Make sure you book early and come prepared to hurt your credit card. The views are breathtaking but to be candid the food is not great so be warned.

Le Coq on the Trocerdo is an awesome restaurant to enjoy for lunch, afternoon drinks or dinner. Make sure you ask for a patio seat. The wine list is extension and make sure you try out one of their many cocktails.


For things to see my favorites outside of just strolling around the city and taking in everything would be:

Napoleons Tomb- is a very short stroll from the center of Paris not a mile from the Eiffel Tower. The whole palace is a masterpiece and Napoleons tomb itself is spectacular.

Louvre- is a place that is seemingly never ending. The hit list of things to see is long but Mona Lisa and Venus Di Milo are my personal favorites. I recommend that you get to the Louvre at around mid day as the early crowd are through and the lines are shorter. Make sure that you also book on line. This will save you at least an hour waiting to purchase a ticket.
Sacre Coeur – situated at the highest point in Paris. The church is a masterpiece and a visit to the crypt is a highlight. The basilica is a wonderful place to tour and take on the history of the site.

Notre Dame- another great landmark a short walk down the Seine. The grounds are majestic. The renovations after many years are finally complete and the exterior is breathtaking in its full glory. For a tour inside I’d give yourself a couple of hours so you can take it all in. Every Friday in Lent and the first Friday of every month is the Veneration de la Couronne D’Epines at 3pm. This is where you actually get to see the Crown of Thorns. If you can arrange your visit on one of these special days you will not be disappointed.
Musee Rodin- the Thinker, Balzac, Aphrodite, Monument Victor Hugo and so more more treasures to see. The gardens are a joy and give yourself at least half a day to take it all in. Private tours can be organized so this is a place where you can literally bring the past to life in private. An awesome experience.


I hope you get to explore the above and many more in person. You will not be disappointed.




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