Reducing The Stress Of Travel

This is something that I have touched on before on this site very briefly. This time I want to be a bit more in depth on some of the easiest ways to eliminate the stress of travel by going after the big causes. Most stressed travelers share these causes and when you know how to handle them, you will be in for a much better trip.


This is one of the biggest causes of stress for people traveling or looking to plan a trip. They fall for the common trap of checking the price of airfare, hotels, food, and common attractions, then adding up the numbers. If that final sum looks hefty (it usually is) then they begin to get anxious. They want to make the trip but they feel like they cannot afford it which causes this would-be traveler to feel stuck. If they ignore the budget and book the trip anyways they will most likely stress about the cost of everything throughout the trip and not have much fun. If they don’t book the trip of money they will feel sad they were not able to travel where they wanted.

The mistake here isn’t being money-cautious, it’s not being creative and trimming the fat on the trip. Spending some extra time to find red-eye flights, hostels or lesser-known lodging, and prioritizing attractions that are cheap or free can go a long way here. Some hardcore travelers have traveled the world for years after leaving their jobs by getting creative. They do things that most people would overlook and know how to find the beauty in being somewhere instead of looking for the next tourist trap to spend money on. If you go the extra mile and change your mindset a bit you can free up a lot of space for yourself.


Strict schedules and deadlines can rule our regular lives at work and even at home. They keep is constantly checking our watches for the time and phones for the next email. This is not a habit you want to bring on your trip. Instead of planning out every second of the day and trying to cram as many activities into a day as possible, cut things down a bit. Find the few things you absolutely MUST do and lock those down at a time that works for you (hint: try to hit these in the morning if they are popular attractions. This will keep the crowd down).

Once you have found these core activities, leave open plenty of time to roam and discover. Many times the most memorable parts of your trip will come from an unexpected experience that you wander into. When you allow yourself this luxury of discovery you will find yourself checking your phone less, and the world around you more.

These are two great places to start if you want to reduce the stress of travel and enjoy trips as much as possible. If you want to read about some quick travel tips check out the first piece of my blog series.

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