Relax in Paris

2017-07-13 11.33.24


Paris is such a majestic city which you can never really be over exposed to. Recently I had the opportunity to spend several days with no agenda. It was an awesome experience.

I rented a great apartment in Arrondissements 15. The rooms were spacey and the AC worked really well. Trust me this is a big plus in the summer months in Paris.

I found my favorite local bar; Malabar. Everything about the bar was authentic French. The food, the drinks the service and especially the layout. Very cramped bit no complaints. It will be my go to place for years to come.

A trip to Paris would not be complete without a dinner and cocktails at Pershing Hall. The history of the place is magnificent but the hospitality will keep you coming back. It is simply top drawer and the mash potatoes purée are the best in the world. Hands down.

We had an awesome night at Cafe Bleu. It felt like sitting in an outside Moma in NYC and the atmosphere was amazing. The cocktails and food are top notch.

I did not travel out as much on this trip but that was the purpose. Take it easy and recharge the batteries. No better city than Paris to do both. I hope you get to do Paris on your terms.


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