Road trip– Colorado to Miami

I had a few extra days and wanted to experience a long road trip. The idea was appealing. I thought a trip to Miami, a few thousand miles would test that theory.

Day 1 -1050 Miles
Traveling from Colorado to Dallas seemed like a good idea. 16 hours later I pulled in to the hotel in Tyler Texas and it had been a great idea. I had gone through the the majority of Colorado, all of Kansas and the top part of the state of Texas.

The terrain had been flat but the weather was perfect and radar detector worked even better.

Day 2 – was a short travel day; 550 miles to Louisiana. Visited IHOP for breakfast and traveled down memory lane. Then traveled to Biloxi and enjoyed the casinos for a night. There had been lots of rain and Louisiana was greener than I had ever seen it.

Day 3 – was another long day of almost 800 miles from Biloxi to Miami. The weather held up and traveling across Miami was a pleasure. The traffic was heavier and took almost 14 hours so be prepared for a long day.

I would highly recommend you taking a road trip and this one was very rewarding.


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