Should You Travel To Greece This Summer?

Greece is one of the most idyllic places to travel in the world. As a destination, Greece yields thoughts of clear blue water, pristine views, ancient ruins and delicious Mediterranean food. As a country, however, Greece yields thoughts of a failing economy and political unrest.

Over the past few years the Greek economy has been in a slow decline, narrowly avoiding default a few times before ultimately defaulting today. Earlier this week, the country closed its stock exchange and banks, leaving many people unable to withdrawal their money.

Even though Greece has accepted new bailout terms and austerity measures there remains a lot of political turmoil that can be seen in Athens. This uncertainty has many tourists questioning whether they should cancel plans to travel to the historic country. However, Greece remains a safe country for travelers.

Greeks are limited to withdrawing 60 Euro a day but if you have a card from a foreign bank you may use it. Most travelers to Greece will have even less to worry about because they purchase holiday packages that include hotel, travel and even day trips and cruises. Regardless, tourists traveling to Greece will want to withdrawal enough money to cover any unpredictable situations. Finding a working ATM or stores that accept your card may prove difficult.

Generally, tourists will be shielded from any unrest anyway. Even if Greece defaults and leaves the European Union, tourist areas like ancient ruins and beaches will likely be unaffected. In Athens, by avoiding certain areas, tourists shouldn’t expect any trouble.

The Greek government is aware of the importance of tourism to their economy. A spokesperson has made an announcement about the availability of withdrawals for tourists with banks from other countries. He also made of point of saying that there is no shortage of any sort of products.

Overall, traveling to Greece is encouraged. Any effect on tourism will be minimal and the country is absolutely breathtaking.


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