Springing into Philadelphia This Season

Chinese Lantern Festival
Although Chinese New Year has technically past, this hasn’t stopped Philadelphia from embracing the various cultural practices that continue to make this holiday such an essential part of its tradition. To further embrace the Chinese culture, even long after the New Year celebrations have past, the Chinese Lantern Festival will allow to experience the stunning, glowing lanterns full of creatures ranging from pandas to swan, catering to each visitor’s enjoyment.

From the end of April to mid-June, Philly’s park designed to bring families and friends together during the spring/early summer will showcase performances, authentic foods and works of art designed by local artists. With its proximity to Chinatown, be sure to get lost in rich, Chinese traditions in one of the most historic cities in the U.S.


Picasso: The Great War, Experimentation & Change

barnes foundationThe Barnes Foundation is holding an incredibly interesting exhibition this spring, which will display Picasso’s artistic evolution starting from his early years as a young, idealistic student up until his exploration of styles such as Cubism and Neoclassicism. This exhibition contains various Picasso works that range from drawings to costumes that all collectively point towards how his artistic style differs from his contemporaries, who chose to focus more on World War I rather than naturalism.

With Cubism’s association with Germany, this exhibition examines the various ways in which Picasso was able to straddle between two artistic forms, as seen by breaking shapes apart and making new forms. Curated by Simonetta Fraquelli, this fantastic art show delves deeper into how this Spanish born French trained artistic genius navigated through this volatile political timeframe with his courageous paintbrush leading the way.


South Street Spring Festival     south street
With block parties continuing to be a tradition in neighborhoods and cosmopolitan cities across the U.S., Philadelphia has notoriously maintained these events as a key social gathering for the spring or summer. South Street Spring Festival is a lively food and performance based event that consists of over one hundred vendors, forty bands and over twelve city blocks for all the excitement you can handle.

Maifest, which is a part of the South Street Spring Festival, is an entertaining, German event that welcomes spring with flowers, authentic German food and dancers. Funded by what is known as the best German beer hall in town, Brauhaus Schmitz offers locals an exciting, riveting German experience that will make you feel as though you are in the heart of Berlin or Cologne. Read more of Philadelphia’s events in the spring here.


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