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Madrid Royal Palace

Madrid Traveling Tips

  With an estimated population of 3.2 million people, the capital of Spain, Madrid, can get a little overwhelming for tourists if they don’t know exactly how to explore the city. Madrid is one of the most elegant and historic cities in Europe, so knowing where to go and what to see, especially if you’re on a budget and a… Read more →

Andalusia: A Charming Face of Spain

Spain, like many nation-states on this planet, comprises a number of regions that vary tremendously culturally, linguistically, and topographically. The landscape of the Basque area, which was covered with the stunningly green peaks of the Pyrenees, varies drastically from that of the more arid and sun-filled Andalusian region. Likewise, the Basque language and Castellano, the language we know as Spanish,… Read more →