Three Summer Travel Trends You Need to Know

Three Summer Travel Trends You Need to Know, Des HagueAs the summer months approach with promises of beautiful weather, vibrant nature, and roaming wildlife, the prospect of travel grows bright. When spring melts winter’s ice, wanderlust drives travelers the world over to expand their horizons, both literally and figuratively. This coming season seems more exciting than ever, with oil prices dropping to the lowest they’ve been since 2009 and projected tourism numbers the highest they’ve been in recent memory. In light of such, several trends, in particular, are beginning to stand out:


The Cross-Country American Roadtrip

Indeed, more Americans than ever are expected traverse our great winding highways, meandering through the great American west and the steep rolling hills of the east coast. While certainly lower gas prices and an improved economy contribute to such, there also lies another reason: terrorism. With respect to increased terrorism alerts, many Americans have opted to trade in their wings for wheels in order to decrease their perceived increased risk. As a result, the prospect of the great American road trip has never seemed more entertaining.


“Lower” Airfares

Many travelers will be enticed by the clever marketing ploys of current airline companies. Boasting lower prices due to lower oil prices, airlines have been advertising lower prices than can be remembered in recent years. Yet, the fact is that many travelers will likely end up spending more money than ever before due to seat upgrades, bag fees, etc. So while the ticket price has most certainly dropped, all additional fees have decidedly done the opposite.


National Parks

With the National Park Service turning 100 years old come August 25th, many events and commemorations will be held in celebration, thus drawing larger crowds than usual. According to Pauline Frommer, the editorial director at Frommer’s, “the parks are going to be packed. In fact, she even goes on to claim that parks are getting “record” numbers of reservations. Even f you’re unable to plan so far in advance, however, you can still likely make an appearance. Generally, national parks reserve nearly 25% of space for same-day visitors, so you’re in luck.

Traveling is good for the soul, reminding us of the beautiful world we have the good fortune of calling home. While there are many such trends, the above are just a few in particular to take note of when planning your next vacation. Good luck and Godspeed!

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