Trip To Normandy


Normandy is easily accessible being a few hours by car from Paris. Touring through the countryside is a joy in itself. Each village you pass seems to be quainter and more countrified than the previous one. They all serve excellent food and drinks. You are spoilt for choice.

Upon reaching Normandy we went straight to the American World War II Cemetery. Over 9000 of our bravest countrymen are buried there. The whole lay out is precise but while one is filled by a sense of pride you are also saddened that so many gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Walking among the row after row of our fallen was a very spiritual and humbling experience.
I also highly recommend that you visit all five of the major landing beaches. Utah beach was where the fighting was the most severe and walking on the beach is chilling. It is also the site of the local command center and a tour of the captured fortified bunker is a special moment.

There were so many things to see that the day was jam packed with highlights. One such moment was walking across Pegasus bridge that was captured in the early morning of June 6, 1944. I had watched a documentary of the taking of the bridge the night before and the whole experience was special.

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