Trip to Skagway

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Skagway, Alaska is at the northern most point on the inside passage to the Gold Fields Klondike. It is home to 800 residents and 2400 seasonal workers. It is also a jewel to explore.

Our tour guide, Rex from Alaska Travel Adventures, took us on a hummer ride, and within 30 minutes we were twenty feet away from a grizzly bear. What an amazing experience. The grizzly walked around the water bank for a good fifteen minutes in search of food after recently waking from hibernation. We had a front row seat of this experience throughout our tour.

In Dyea, a few short miles away, we stood under a tree with a large bald eagle perched on the highest branch. If traveling to Dyea, make sure you stop to see the Bridal Veil Falls.

If you bring your passport, you can cross into Canada and drive through the Tormented Valley where you take a small boat ride on Lake Tutshi (meaning dark waters). The lake, which was formed from glaciers, is surrounded by beautiful mountain and wildlife scenery and is 500 feet deep in some areas.

I would highly recommend Skagway.


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