Trip to Victoria


To get to Victoria, we spent several enjoyable hours traveling down the Queen Charlotte Sound even though the winds picked up. First, we were visited by a pod of orcas and, second, by several humpback whales.

As we arrived at Victoria, the waters calmed and we spent a lovely evening on the island. We only had a short amount of time but I enjoyed every minute in the charming city. It was terrific walking around, viewing the various restaurants and getting to explore Chinatown. I ate at Fishhook, which had stellar seafood, drinks and service.

Victoria has an extensive bicycle path. I recommend that you take a spin around and check out the harbour. It reminded me of great times strolling around Vancouver, a hundred or so miles away.

This is, for sure, a place I will come back to to spend a few days. Hope you get to visit and take in the beauty. Enjoy!



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