Welcome to the Enchanted Island: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the most recent addition to the United States, and is a convenient location to sample the delights of the Caribbean.The island is filled with great sights and provides the perfect mix of architecture and natural beauty. From acres of untouched rainforest to palatial examples of colonial architecture, Puerto Rico has something for everyone. Your time on the island is guaranteed to be filled with fun and excitement. Sample the local culture and enjoy the laid back atmosphere for a quality holiday you will never forget!
Like its neighbors in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has its fair share of fun activities for visitors, including:
1. Water Based Activities: Diving, kiteboarding, surfing, snorkeling, you name it – you can find every imaginable activity on the water. Beginners can also find classes for these activities and get comfortable in the water in no time at all.
2. The Rainforest: The island is home to El Yunque; a tropical rain forest covering 30,000 acres. With over 200 species to discover, this forest includes trails across striking natural features including clear waterfalls and rugged mountains.
3. Undisturbed Beaches: Mosquito Bay and similar beaches offer a great opportunity to discover the calm waters of the Caribbean amid undeveloped sandy shores, pristine blue waters, and wildlife like you have never seen before.
If you are a fan of city life, Puerto Rico wont leave you disappointed. Take a tour of architectural landmarks like Old San Juan, El Morro Fortress, and La Fortaleza. You can also get in on the fun at Zipline & Aerial Adventure parks. Finish the day off at Marmalade Restaurant, Yantar, or Verde Mesa for a Caribbean topping to your adventurous day.

Highlight of my stay:
The island is covered with multiple natural and manmade attractions. Here are some must see places when you visit Puerto Rico:

1. Surf Rincon:
Home to the World Surfing Championships, this two mile area is covered with 14 breaks. Perfect fun for the surfers, and a convenient place to get a surfing lesson from the pros. I need to put many more hours in to master the board for sure.

2. Dive the Wall:
Vacationing on an island is never complete without a great diving experience. The Wall or La Pared is a 20 mile long coral reef that reaches depths of 27 meters off the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico. Known for its unique mix of aquatic life including octopuses and turtles, this is an excellent place for diving. Diving lessons in indoor pools and shallow waters are also offered.

3. Guanica Forest Reserve:
This cactus covered reserve includes some great hiking trails and provides a welcome relief from water based activities all day long. Awesome views as well.


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